Monday, September 5, 2011

Sympathy cards

I hate making sympathy cards, and these last couple were the hardest ones yet. a really good friend of mine passed away suddenly at age 34 last week, and every time I sat down to make a card I started crying. This card is for my Dad and his wife, it took me hours to be able to actually sit down in my craft room without bawling like a baby.

My Grams was such an amazing lady. I see so much of her in me, and I can only hope to be 1/2 as great as she was. We were always close, even when I was a very young child, I loved spending time with her. Some of my favorite memories growing up are at her place and hanging out with her. I'm so glad I was able to move her out here with me for these last few years. For quite a while she lived just down the street, and we would go over often, usually just to hang out and chat, maybe play a few card games. She taught my son how to play connect 4 and Chinese Checkers, 2 of his favorite games. I loved taking the 2 of them to the park around the corner. She loved to watch him, and he loved to show off for her. I am heartbroken that my son will slowly forget how wonderful she really was until she is just someone he remembers from photographs.

Here they are last summer. She was 88 and on a merry-go-round, on a horse too, not just the bench. We took her to the local amusement park, and she had so much fun. Sevastian had the time of his life getting her on rides and showing her all the best rides. She went on way more than I normally do. I'm so glad they got to have that memory together.

I always knew somewhere in the back of my head that this day would come, but it never seemed real. I just thought she would always be here, or at least for a lot longer. My great grandma lived until 106, and I was in my 20's. I really hoped my son would have his GG around that long.

I've babbled long enough, here is the card I made in remembrance of her. She used to paint when she was younger, and she loved trees and lakes.

I've made a photo tutorial for this card, so I'll get that up sometime in the next couple of days. I leave tomorrow for Saskatchewan and a couple funerals. Once I get back and get back into the swing of things I promise I'll get more cards and scrapbook pages up on here. I've been making a Heritage Album for a while now, and I really want to get it done. I had hoped to give it to GG at Christmas, but now it will be for my son.

Thank you all for your kind emails, I really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.


Penny Hanuszak said...

Dany I am so sorry to hear of your losses. To lose a friend at such a young age is so shocking and so sad. To lose your grandmother who was such a friend and inspiration is so heartbreaking. She sounds like a very special lady. My thoughts are with you.

Sheri - confessed craftaholic said...

My sympathies at the loss of your Grandma and your dear friend. My grandma was one of the most special people in my life, and I still miss her even though she's been gone for more years than I care to count. You made an absolutely beautiful card in her memory. Thank you for sharing.

Heidi Baks said...

So sorry to hear of your losses! Your card is beautiful.