Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aren't sundays for resting?

I have snuck back into the house to post this a bit earlier today than I have been posting lately. This is called "spider houses" since my son insists that there are actually 2 houses... one sitting on top of the other. I LOVE this jumbo wheel. It is probably my favorite one, at least right now. I love Halloween and this wheel has basically everything I love about Halloween on it, haunted houses, cemeteries and graves, and bats and spiders. The only thing missing is a witch, but come Halloween that is me so I guess it is ok to be missing the witch.

Today we are working on building a dog run in the backyard for our wonderful puppy Meika. She is a Siberian Husky and not so little anymore, even though she is only 5 months old. She will need it for the Fall and Spring when she sheds the most, so my house is still sort of decent. The only downside to this dog run is the 'floor' of it is cement blocks that weight about 110 lbs. Thankfully my wonderful hubby moved almost all of them without my help, so now I am helping as best I can for the rest of stuff. I had better get back out there before he realizes I ditched him to post on here. I think I might even surprise him a little later by making garlic cheese biscuits, you know the ones they make at Red Lobster? I love those and they are sooooo easy to make and one of his favorite things to eat.

I hope you like the card.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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KreatesKards said...

What a great card. I just started buying the wheels and really like them too. Don't have any of the jumbo ones YET ... LOL

Your hubby is going to have some very sore muscles I bet. But so nice when you get the work all completed.