Thursday, September 10, 2009

my "photo studio"

I have had a couple requests to see how I photograph my cards and also how I made my photo studio. I took a large-ish diaper box and had my wonderful hubby cut the sides and top out leaving a 1.5 inch frame all the way around. We then cut some white tissue paper to fit on the inside of the box sides and top. I also had my wonderful hubby cover my ugly diaper box with nice IKEA wrapping paper. On the back I attached a piece of white bristle board to the top with double sided tape and it then just sort of hangs down and forms a nice soft round corner as it then comes forward. Because of this it looks like there is basically no background when taking pictures. You can tell that the whole box is not completely covered as everywhere the box folded I left uncovered so it would still 'close'. We left the 'top' side flaps on so I could more easily direct light inside the box if need be. Basically the front opening of this box is where the top was and we cut off the 2 longer flaps and left the shorter side flaps. The back is the old bottom of the box. I also cut 3 pieces of black bristle board about the same size as the 2 sides and top so that if I wanted to block all light from coming in one side I could.

I hope this helps you all out, and if you need more information, please leave me a comment and I will try my best to explain this better.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'


KreatesKards said...

Dany, I think this is a wonderful idea. Very creative and what a great tool for photos.


Neat idea Dani!!

john said...

Wow, your hubby did a really good job. It looks terrific!

Dany said...

geeze, thanks for that completely UNbiased opinion, lol.

I'm glad said hubby's wife had such a terrific idea, and MADE said hubby do it.

Ohh and the buns I made the next week were the thank you gift for said hubby.

john said...

The buns were amazing as usual, and I was very happy to make all my co-workers jealous all week long.