Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Class Sneak Peak

I have been super busy since we got back from Christmas Vacation, and yet somehow it seems like I have gotten nothing done yet. I am working on finishing up a couple Christmas gifts and I hope to have the one done by tomorrow, and then I will finish up the last one pretty easily once I get to it. I am also vacuuming at least 3 times a day right now.... Our puppy has decided to start shedding her winter coat...WHAT??? it is still winter here, for at least 4 more months. I have no idea why she is shedding, all I know is that I am now running around after her with a vacuum. We have actually started taking the vacuum directly to her. She doesn't seem to mind that terribly much, and it really does help, but if anyone else has ever had a Siberian Husky you know just how much fur they shed. This was what she looked like before she started shedding so bed.... now she looks sickly, at least until she is done. She has patches all over and is a mess... but we still love her.

I have to apologize for not posting more the past couple weeks. I am getting closer to being able to go back to my routine of creating daily, at least I think I am getting closer. I did do a little bit earlier today so I would have something to post. I made another sample for an upcoming class, and anyone who is interested in taking this class but who lives too far away to attend I think I have an option for you. I am currently working out the kinks, but I am trying to figure out how to do a live streaming video where viewers can ask questions, just like in a class and I can answer them right then. I would also be making class kits with instructions and sending them out before the video so you can participate as if it were a real class. Anyways, onto the card....This is one of 6 cards we will be making at my upcoming Sponging and Brayering Basics class. Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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Jenn said...

Beautiful card! Love the colors you used....the sky is amazing. Thanks for posting your blog on Stampin' Connection.