Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New System...

...sort of. Those of you that have taken classes from me know that I love to use unmounted stamps and clear blocks. Stampin' Up! has listened to their demonstrators and customers and provided us with a way to use clear blocks but still maintain the exceptional quality we have come to know and love from Stampin' Up!. The stamps themselves are still the same, except instead of having a permanent stick on the back of the foam it is now a cling stick. I thought I would provide a tutorial of sorts for you all. I was hoping to be able to film it for you (and I still might) but we can not find the charge cord for the video camera right now so I am stuck with a picture tutorial. I apologize right now, this will be a very picture heavy post, but it will end up providing you with the best whole picture, until I can find the charge cord and do it for real.

Here goes
First, the blocks:

The blocks come individually packaged in these great containers. Each container also has a paper that tells you what block you have (ie a, b, c, etc) and also has information on how to use it and clean it. They also list the block size on the back as well. Just a small note.... you can clean the blocks with Stampin' Mist if they get a little dirty..... but DO NOT use Staz on cleaner!!! The Staz On cleaner MIGHT craze the surface of the blocks, this will not affect the stamps or the blocks in any negative way, other than the craze lines themselves.

Aren't they pretty?? all 4 sides are grooved like the wood blocks are on 2 sides so it doesn't matter which way you use them you will always have a great side to hold on to.

Each block also has the letter it is, as well as Stampin' Up! on the sides.

When you take them out of the package you will notice 2 thin cling covers on them. These you will peel off and discard. They are just to help protect the block in the shipping process.

Second, the stamps:

The stamps come in clear DVD type cases, which makes for great storage. Also the images are printed on the front of the cover at full size, so you can see easily what stamp set you have. It also lists the name of the stamp set. If you are trying to figure out which block to use you can hold it up over the full sized image to see if it fits under the block. You will want to use a block that is just a bit bigger, but not too big.

The edge of the case has thumbnail images of the stamps as well as listing the name again.

close up of the front of the case

Inside the case there are 4 images which help you to assemble your clear mount stamps, if you choose to.

As I had said before, the stamps themselves are exactly the same rubber as before, same great quality, just a new sticky on the back. Each stamp comes with the stamp set and an image sheet just like before, the only difference is there are no wood blocks.

Here I am peeling the stamp out of the sheet of rubber.

Just like before you can peel off the backing paper.

If you wish you can use the stamp just like this. The foam backing is cling-y, not permanent stick. If you want, you just take the stamp and place it on the clear block and you are good to go.

However, if you want the image on the stamp please continue with these steps.

the sticker for the back of the stamp has a slit in the cover, you simply peel each side off

peel the other side off

and you are now ready to take your stamp and place it onto the sticker. I will warn you, this part is a permanent stick, so take care when you are placing your stamp onto the sticker. it is fairly easy, but just don't try to do it when you have small children or lets say a dog running through your legs and bumping you. (ask me how I know...)

Once you have placed the stamp onto the sticker rub it firmly to make sure it is completely stuck

You then peel the stamp and sticker off the backing sheet

And Voila, your stamp is ready to go.

To use:

place the stamp onto the clear block (make sure your block is bigger than your stamp, not too much, but not smaller than the stamp either)

Push slightly on the rubber to make sure that the stamp is stuck well

it is hard to see here, but I tried to show you that there are little air bubbles, and you want to sort of push them out.

Now you are ready to stamp. You will ink up the stamp just like normal and clean it on your stamp scrubber just like normal. If you get ink on your blocks you can also clean them with Stampin' Mist. Occasionally blocks can get dirty and possibly even linty (like say if your dog sits on them after your son has moved them), just take them to the sink and run them under water.

to store your stamps just take them and place them on the back inside of the storage case. They will cling to it, just like they cling to the blocks.

I just love these new stamps!!! You can still purchase the regular wood mount stamps, but for anyone with storage issues, or just wanting to save some money, or like me and like to see through the blocks to know exactly where you are stamping, these are the best clear mount stamps I have ever seen and used!!

I hope this helps you, and if you have any questions leave me a comment and I will try to better answer it. I also love to read your comments so please feel free to leave some love.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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