Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I may never go home

Today we played in and around Sooke, and went up to the pot holes. If you are ever here, you need to see them, they are wonderful naturally occurring formations in the Sooke river. When the river starts to slow down in the summer, these wonderful basins are exposed and you can climb down to them and swim in the clear water. We will be going back to them again before we leave and I'll get some pictures then, as today we left the camera in the car so we could all play in the water.

Today I found the card reader I thought I packed and couldn't find, so I thought I would upload some pictures so far.

This is the reason for the trip, I made this cake for Lydia's wedding reception and while I was worried that the cakes and the flowers would not make it here, they made the trip and turned out very pretty.

This is the first campsite we stayed at when we got to Nanaimo, it is ocean front and simply beautiful. I was sitting in the front vestibule of the tent and had the camera on a tripod, so this is exactly what we saw when we woke up in the morning through the window of the tent. It was also warm enough all night to leave the tent windows open and not get cold.

This is our second campsite and again these pictures were taken from in front of the tent, with me sitting in a chair and the camera on a tripod. I was leaning out a little and angling up the creek a little, but the view here is just as beautiful as before. Here in Sooke it is a little colder, and we have to close up the tent and snuggle a little to keep warm, but it is still really nice weather.


Tracy said...

That is one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I've ever seen! Wow!!

Thanks for swinging by my blog. :)

Linda Tarolli said...

Your cake is wonderful and your friend truly lucky!