Monday, May 10, 2010

Video Tutorial Tips

I have had a lot of the same questions asked, so I am going to post the answers here in hopes it helps others out.

Music - there are 3 options first is to press the pause button in the music widget in the left sidebar, second is to click the tutorials tab at the top of the page, that will take you too another page that has no music. Third is to double click on te video itself, this will take you to my youtube page where you can view the video on a larger scale anyway.

Inkjet Vinyl - It is Papilio clear inkjet vinyl and I got it from here

Binder - 12x12 Crop in Style PBS I got it from

If there are any other questions please let me know and I will post the answers here.


Penny G said...

Do we order the glossy clear #SC1C8511KH for $84.60 or is it the Ultra Removable Clear - #UCF8511C-100 for $72.90.


Dany said...

Penny, You would order the glossy clear for 84.60

gretchenhs said...

Do you still have some extra's to sell? I can't afford a huge package at this time.