Thursday, June 3, 2010

computer issues

I have been having massive computer issues lately, so my wonderful hubby is currently overhauling my computer, including swapping out hard drives. He of course is also tweaking it, and somehow making it a 'server' for a home network or something.... not really sure, but he has been taking a networks and something course and is practicing with the home computers, and since my main computer is a desktop that is the 'server' now.

What does this mean for you..... well not much. My pictures are always uploaded to the main computer, so until later tonight or tomorrow, all the fabulous new cards I had been making and taking pictures of are well, not easy for me to get to. As soon as I get my computer back once it is fixed I will post a bunch of them.


createwithnicki said...

Computer problems are the worst! Looking forward to seeing your creations :)

Karen said...

So sorry you're having computer problems! Thank goodness your DH is good at fixing things like that! Lucky you! Time to create off line, eh?

Dany said...

lucky me.... sort of. I HATE computers!!! and this one is always screwing up somehow, and it did it again.... apparently in the list of things to back up I forgot to mention my bookmarks, cause DH's somehow magically follow him around, but mine don't, so they are GONE! I tell you, I couldn't even log onto the Stampin' Up! site to place an order, how sad is that.

Now the fun starts of trying to figure out where I usually blog surf to.

Bootybella Designs Inc. said...

Ahhhh - that blows!!! At least your hubby can fix it...just like mine!!! LOL!!!