Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Decor

I've been starting to get more into decorating for Easter now that I have a little on who is so interested in all things Easter, not just the Easter Bunny. When I saw this display I immediately fell in love with the 'decoupage' Easter eggs. I'm not a huge fan of doing Easter eggs the traditional kids way, I much prefer making one or two eggs every year that you keep and your display just keeps growing, so when I saw these ideas I just knew I had to recreate them at home. I'm also pretty sure that my son will love the idea of putting all those little rhinestones and pearls on eggs while I do some of the more complicated steps.

How cute are these little flower pots? I love how they used the buttons for the centers and then wrapped the pots with paper and fabric.

For anyone who doesn't want to use real eggs that have been 'blown' you can use plastic eggs, I would just suggest painting them with acrylic paint first if you are not covering them with paper but with jewels, that way none of the neon colors will show through if you don't get them super tight,

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