Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Matryoshka....

sort of..... I LOVE this new set. I have made a few stamped images with it already, but no full cards yet. I know what I want to make card wise, but silly me, I did not bring what I needed down here. I am still re-thinking new ideas, and if I find ones I like as much as what I have in mind I will make those.

I have also been having tons of fun in the outdoor pool here. So far everyone thinks we are crazy being in the pool a few hours each day, but it is WARM here, I don't care what they say, 25C is WARM, that is our summer temperatures.

I will have a few pictures to post later tonight I hope. I am still searching for my card reader. I know I packed it, but that thing is tiny!!

Hope you all are having tons of fun and getting as excited for Christmas as I am.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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