Sunday, December 20, 2009

our trip so far...

We have had a great trip so far. We drove all the way down here, and went through Vegas. My son LOVES transformers, esp Bumblebee and Prime. In the first movie Megatron is being cryogenic-ally frozen and held inside the Hoover Dam. Bumblebee is captured is transported there too. We drove over the Hoover Dam, at night, but he did not care, he wanted a picture taken with Bumblebee (his), him and Megatron and the other Bumblebee inside the Hoover Dam. I have other better pics of the Hoover Dam all lit up, but with the flash on, you can hardly see the lights in the background, let alone all the buildings.

We have spent at least 2 hours every day in the pool since we got here. Sevastian loves the water, but really does not like it when he can not touch the bottom, so we invented a little floaty device out of pool noodles. It is nice that he can float all by himself this way even though we are never more than a few inches away. We have a life jacket for him, but when we try to teach him to float he refuses to in the jacket, and once we are done he goes back in the life jacket.

Tomorrow the plan is to get up some of mom's christmas decorations and then spend the rest of the day visiting with friends at the pool.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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