Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter living....

...totally sucks!! So I have noticed that a lot of my recent blog readers are not from Canada, and while I know that several of the countries you are all from do have winter, I am sure hoping that it is nicer than here. In fact, you lucky ones from Australia and New Zealand are super lucky to be having beautiful weather. Back to my rant/vent.... I grew up in another province and we had horrific winters, so I know this is not bad, but wow... I hate it anyways. It is taking my hubby well over an hour to get to work in the mornings when it normally takes him about 20 mins, and after work is way worse with rush hour it is about a hour and 3/4, but yesterday with needing to grab something for me for Christmas (which I will mention was picked out and waiting for him and all he had to do was drive and pick it up) took him about 4 hours to get home. After that I took pitty on him and let him and my son play til bedtime. Tonight was a gong show. When the weather gets really cold and windy like it has been, our house, well it sucks. So we spent the better part of the night trying to get/stay warm beside the fireplace while my awesome hubby washed dishes and cleaned up after my mess in the kitchen. I made a cake and cupcakes today and started to ice them for my nieces birthday party on Saturday. Our heater has seen better years and it tried to die on us tonight so awesome hubby fixed it, before I could kill it. Now we have heat again, but sadly, No flyer for my blog just yet. Hopefully soon.

So now on to more card related things. I saw the BEST CARD EVER!!!! on my friend Diana's blog. She is a fellow Canadian, but living in the US, and she has the most wicked sense of humour!! (Canadian spelling and all) IN the new Occasions mini starting Jan 5th there is the most adorable Chocolate bunny stamp and she has been 'eating' these poor guys and making the best cards with them. Here is a link to her Blog so you can check it out. Leave her a comment letting her know just how awesome these are, cause they are.

She is also down on the left side in my blog roll. If you have never been you really need to check her out on a daily or so basis, cause she rocks. She is after all an Aritsan Award Winner. She has made other cards with this set, so please go and check her out.

I was really hoping to get my new pre-order in today but it is stuck in the snow.... did I mention I hate snow?? There is another great single stamp set in the new Occasions mini that I can not wait to play with. It is called Like-O-Meter, and is basically what it color in the meter part letting the recipient know how much you like them. I keep telling hubby he will get lots of post it notes in his shoes letting him know "you don't annoy me" which is second from the bottom, but with my sense of humour, totally funny to me, and more like 'love ya babe'. He of course does not find this as funny as I do, YET.

Wow I did a lot of talking and no posting of my own creations. Sorry that is my life until we leave I think. Tomorrow I will show you guys how many cards I will be mailing off in the second round. I didn't think to take a picture before I mailed some of them, so it is not all, but still a lot.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Dany,
You are too sweet! Such kind words, and awesome music to listen to at the same time. Sing to me George!!!
Just think you will be here in the warm-ish weather very soon!
I can hug your neck for real!

See ya soon!