Thursday, December 17, 2009

We've Arrived!!!

We are in Paradise! I so love Arizona and the warmth down here. My mom is crazy....she thinks it is freezing cold down here, but I know freezing cold, and this is not cold. It was cold back home before we left, A day or so before we left it was almost -40. Here is is about 28C which I think is around 80F or so, I am not too sure of the exact conversion since I never use the Fahrenheit system. We left Tuesday night after my car was fixed (stupid clutch) and packed and headed down here. It took us way longer to get down here than normal since we had issues with my front passenger window. It went down and decided to stay down. Not exactly an ideal way to travel. We had to stop at a WalMart and get plastic and tape to make a temporary window. This sort of worked...We had to stop and fix it way to often, but at least the car stayed mostly warm. It was so noisy and not the nicest way to start a vacation, but..... WE ARE HERE!!!!! Can you tell I am excited. We arrived at about 7 am and were unpacked and in bed by 8. Mom was nice enough to let us sleep all day until we woke up. We slept and slept and slept and woke up at about 430 in the afternoon.

Before we left I packed all of the new goodies that the "YAY Man" brought us. I have not had time to play with them yet, so I am going to get them unpacked and I hope to get to them tomorrow. We are going to get some supper in a few minutes and then we are going to hang out with grama and papa and nana all night.

I have no new cards to show you today, but I will have some tomorrow. The picture quality won't be as nice since I do not have my photo studio here, but I will still post them. I hope you all are having a great week.

Until next time, Happy Scrappin'

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